April 19, 2017

Terraria 1.3.5

Well, there's no longer going to be a need for RomTerraria in its current form.

The core piece of RomTerraria (resolution unlocking) is now fully integrated into Terraria proper.  Specifically, the code I wrote to unlock higher resolutions is literally inside Terraria 1.3.5's Terraria.Main.TrySupporting8K() method.

With that, my job is done and RomTerraria is going to be going on hiatus while I figure out what, if anything, I can do with the game.


Dratheus said...

Except we still need you! Official support has zoom locked in at 179%, so we can't see more of the screen/world anymore.

Michael Russell said...


Let's get a list of features that will need to be dropped back into the game, then. The code has changed significantly, so figuring out where things will have to be injected/changed will take time.

For example, I'm already seeing that the ability to shift back to Reach profile will be required for some lower-end users.

Unknown said...

We can't see any more of the map, we're still locked to seeing 60 blocks left/right maximum because they chose to half-ass their "support" for 4K and make it apply only to menus and not actually the map. So whether I play at 1920x1080 or 2560x1440 I still only see the same amount of the world at once. That's what we need you for, because they seemingly can't do anything right.

Unknown said...

This might be of some use:

[6:28 AM] Yoraiz0r: for those wondering
[6:28 AM] Dan: hai Yorai(edited)
[6:28 AM] RedDeadDevil1908: :open_mouth: PINK
[6:28 AM] Yoraiz0r: most of the UI scaling is actually automatic to an extent
[6:29 AM] Yoraiz0r: we just mess with the spritebatch's view matrix

Unknown said...

The whole update is a mess up. I run on a 3 monitor setup and I can now only see 1/3 of the screen vertically and the same amount left and right as I would playing on 1920x1080 (not to say, the highest resolution isn't even 5760x1080, it's 3840x1024). Not only that, but the minimaps are all missing when I am in game. We really need your help to fix this! I've been relying on you for a while and this update is FAR from a solution to the problem!

Sulfurize said...

I was playing with RomTerraria and the last update ruined the game.

Sulfurize said...

I regret that I have not disabled Steam automatic updates.