October 4, 2013

RomTerraria 3.0 Feature Request Post

[Update 11/9 1:25p] The preview release is over here.

Okay, after looking at the massive amount of change in Terraria, looks like I'm going to have to completely rewrite RomTerraria.

Functionality mods can still use the Component architecture in XNA, but visual mods can't due to changes made in how Terraria works.

So, consider this a complete startover.  I'll be using no code from the previous versions of RomTerraria.  If you have any requests for features to be added to RomTerraria 3.0, consider this your place to request them.  I'll also add in updates on requests as they come in.

Request #1: Make it Linux compatible.  That's not something I'll be able to do.  Terraria is tightly bound to XNA and Windows at the moment.  Redigit did say that he was looking at a port to MonoGame, but was having too many problems and Terraria 1 probably will never come to Linux[11/3: I did manage to get the server running without XNA, which is promising.]

Request #2: Key re-binding.  Already exists.  Settings -> Controls

Request #3: PoniesThread for reference.  Will bring back the pony.

Request #4: Save map as PNG.  Okay, I can do this one.  Should even be able to hotkey it.  One key for a 1px-per-tile version, one key for a full-size version.  [10/5: 50% done. 11/3: Complete, but unstable, so not ready for release.]

Request #5: Allow inventory to be moved.  This would be really tricky, but not impossible.  The only downside is that you wouldn't be able to use the default inventory key, unfortunately.  I'll look at it for vNext.

Request #6: Have wings and rocket boots consume mana.  Working on it.

Request #7: No shadows.  Not sure I can do this one easily, but I'll see what I can do.

Request #8: Full map reveal.  Should be easy.

Request #9: Invulnerability.  Can't do that, but I might be able to make it so enemies die when they get within a certain range of you.

Request #10: Server support for mods.  Will look into this one.  [11/3: Doable. I've got code that will allow me to inject hooks anywhere...and I do mean ANYWHERE.]

Request #11: Smooth lighting and Eyefinity.  What's wrong with it?  I'm running an nVidia card on a single monitor, so I need clarification on this one so I know what I'm looking for. [11/3: Complete, released.]

Request #12: Add the bunny from the collector's edition for Steam copies without registry mucking.  [11/6: Completed, but removed from the mod because it would result in the mod being banned from the official forums for the game.]


Unknown said...

awesome tool, I have used it since you released - when you make an update it would be great if you could allow the inventory and status bars to be moved around so that it doesn't sit on the far sides when in multi-monitor set-up (basically keep it on the center screen, leave the side monitors for periphery view).

Unknown said...

Have wings as well as rocket boots consume mana.

Unknown said...

In-game inventory editor if possible would be nice rather than having to exit the game and run a separate program that might corrupt the character file.

George Gates said...

Having no shadows and full map reveal seem to be popular requests.

Also see if you can't add invulnerability because infinite HP doesn't stop monsters from banging you around when you're trying to build and people have used other tools for it because of this (if they're on a character without a cobalt shield).

Unknown said...

Oh, server support for the mods would be really nice. I'd like to be able to host my server for my friends with the mods from RomTerraria.

Unknown said...

It would be awesome if smooth lighting worked with eyefinity!

Steve said...

I have screenshots of the "Eyefinity" issue (though I actually have NVIDIA surround). Just need a place to host them (suggestions?)

It looks like the foreground (wood, grass, creatures, etc.) and background (wall) tiles stop getting drawn around the edges and slowly creep inward somewhere between a horizontal resolution of 2020 and 2055 (maybe after 2048?) while using the color or white lighting modes. This is probably related to the crashing issue you mentioned on the "Eyefinity Warning" link within the app, though I haven't experienced any crashes playing at these wide resolutions.

The larger the horizontal resolution past that point, the further inward the tiles are not drawn. It gets to a point where there's basically a viewport only in the very center of the screen, and it's essentially unplayable.

You mentioned only running one monitor. I have three in portrait with a total resolution of 3240x1920. You may be able to see the problem if you can force the window to render past your actual screen resolution and get to the magic number of 2048.

Retro and trippy have no problems. Only color and white are affected. I've tried various options within RomTerraria (HiDef, no HiDef, the different resolution modes) and nothing changes.

On that note, I also haven't been able to use any of the Minimap, Gameplay, or Tools and Enhancement features, either. All of them crash Terraria at launch with errors. I can also provide screenshots if necessary.

Sorry for the lengthy comment. Anyway, thank you very much for this application. Prior to finding it, I was using the default max of 1920x1200 scretched over the size of my three monitors, and it wasn't pretty. I greatly appreciate your work.

Michael Russell said...


Try imgur.com for hosting of the images.

The rendering issue you describe sounds like an unfortunate side effect of how parallax is handled in Terraria, so I'm unsure if I could fix any of that without rewriting large chunks of the engine.

The more I'm digging into the codebase, the more frightening some of the code appears to be. 1.2 was made with a single monitor only in mind.

Let me know when you have screenshots up. I've got this weekend off and hope to dedicate it to getting something ready for 11/1.

Steve said...


Hopefully that works. The most important images are at the bottom.

Michael Russell said...


Thanks. This looks like it's related to some of his rendering optimization changes. I'll see if there's anything I can do in RomTerraria.

Michael Russell said...


It doesn't surprise me that the old RomTerraria won't work with his controller mod. I relied on a lot of code that has been rewritten in 1.2.

That said, I'm getting closer. I might be able to expose hooks to allow him to plug in without requiring common rewrites based on my work with Mono.Cecil.

Michael Russell said...


Found the cause for the issue. Will 8192x8192 be good enough for a maximum resolution?

Steve said...

Haha! That's brilliant! It should be good for a few years, at least until people start doing Eyefinity with five 4k monitors. ;-P

Michael Russell said...


Can you shoot me an email at romsteady [at] msn [dot] com? I'll have a new executable to test tomorrow.

Unknown said...

I just downloaded it and installed it, how do I spawn the events or do anything, I'm pressing every button on my keyboard but nothing is happening.

Michael Russell said...


For a while, the main game kept adding in features that originated here, so this mod regressed to just a higher resolution launcher.

Now that I'm able to code on it again, more features are coming out, such as "Always Daylight" and "Fast NPC Spawn" being released in the next few minutes.