February 7, 2009

SiN 1 in SiN: Episodes

Before we started working on SiN: Episodes, one of the things we started working on to properly learn Source was a Source engine version of the original SiN ala Half-Life: Source.  A lot of the work was done by Dale Broadbent.

It didn't get very far and barely functions, but there's enough here that some Source engine modders might get a kick out of it.

What is here requires S:E1 to work. Use at your own risk. No warranties are expressed or implied.



Unknown said...

Thanks for releasing this. I hope you don't mind, but I put up a brief news post about this at CS-Nation:


Sarkie said...

Good stuff mate, I've just got a new pc. So I might start coding a mod again...

Unknown said...

I love you guys.

Vooral said...

Sarkie, Get back to work on SiNEP MP!

But nice release, makes me wish my SDK worked.

Unknown said...

You should release source files for maps, so we can port them. I'd love to see more SiN in these days.

Michael Russell said...

Sorry, I only have the compiled assets.

Michael Russell said...

Screenshot #1 was an early version of SiNTek Tower.
Screenshot #2 was an early version of the elevator bank battle near the end of the game.
Screenshot #3 was from a freeway chase that was actually implemented in Episode 1 that took place after your rescue at the start but before the docks, but ended up just not being fun.
Screenshot #4 was from an early version of the rescue at the start.
Screenshot #5 was from an early version of the rescue at the start.