November 19, 2007

PS3 Development Now "Cheaper" Than PS2

A PlayStation 2 development kit used to cost $10,000. You can now get a PlayStation 3 development kit for $10,250.

Unlike the PS2 development kits, the PS3 development kits include the development tools now. (They used to cost ~$2,000 a seat additional previously.)

Also, you can now use the test kits for development purposes.

Wow...Sony actually learned from Microsoft on this one. An Xbox development kit costs $10,000, comes with the development tools, and you can compile against a test kit. Say what you will about the hardware, but when it comes to making things developer friendly, Microsoft knocked it out of the park.

Now if they'd just learn from the 360's kernel design, the PS3 might be a bit more attractive.

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Unknown said...

So what are you saying about the 360's kernel design vs. the PS3's kernel design? That's stupid. They have drastically different hardware. The Cell and the 360's processor are too different to compare. The X360's processor is based on technology of yesterday, but with 3 cores. The PS3 is based on new technology, but with 7 SPU's. How do you compare those? Um, duh, you can't. But the X360's architecture is very familiar to programmers while the Cell's architecure is very new. Give it some time. They're not that different as far as quality goes in the end.