November 6, 2007

Four Digits and Falling Behind

One thousand posts. It's a milestone I never thought I'd hit.

Of course, having one thousand unread E-mails in my personal inbox was a milestone I didn't want to hit. (Yes, that's a current image.)

I never expected my left toe to be the number one hit on Google Image Search and the number one traffic source for my site.

Eight hundred sixty posts since getting my job at Ritual, in part because of my blog; two hundred sixty posts since losing it. (As a side note, the person I stated that I respected greatly no longer has my respect. Sending me an E-mail within four days of my layoff asking me to stop talking about being laid off because it was bringing negative attention to the company was a really low blow.)

Three hundred twenty-four posts since I finished the widescreen patch and SDK for "SiN (Steam)" that will never be released.

Five hundred sixty-four posts since going on the offensive.

Six hundred thirty-five posts since being challenged by a six-year-old to a game of "Quake III: Arena."

I've been doing this for over three and a half years publicly, and while it hasn't always been the most positive experience, I'm glad that I've done it.

To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm going to hit 2,000. I'm not even sure that's going to be a target. I'm just going to take it one post at a time. Expect fewer posts overall from here, but higher quality posts when they do show up.

Thanks for reading.

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Sarkie said...

Well as always mate your posts are always nice to see but the most interesting part was, what is DWDNUG?

Dungeons ...?