February 17, 2018

2020 Goal: A Studio

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I'm anticipating having to move next summer, so now that I'm finally debt free, I'm actively trying to save every penny that I can so that when I move, I'm going to be able to purchase wherever I move outright.

I'm also working on ensuring that I have enough savings to be able to fund three people for 18 months in a lower-cost portion of the United States to build a game that I have designed.  I may still have to work full-time elsewhere to fund this endeavor, but this is probably my last shot to see if I have what it takes to be in the games industry the way that I want to be.

Obviously, this is leading to me trying to scale back my expenses wherever possible and practical.  As a result, the current Shacknews Slow Jam will probably be the last game jam that I contribute prizes to.

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