April 19, 2017

RomTerraria and v1.3.5.x: Just When I Think I'm Out...

Consider this the request post.

Right now, there are two items that I see as being needed for Terraria v1.3.5.x.

1) The ability to revert to the XNA Reach profile.  People who have older (e.g. crap) machines/GPUs don't appear to be able to run the game anymore.  When I look at the resolution code in Terraria, they appear to still have the old non-4K limits in place if the Reach profile is embedded in the executable.  I already have the code to handle this.

2) "Uncap" the minimum zoom level.  This is going to take a little while to figure out where they're putting the cap in place and then figure out how to circumvent the cap.  (Update 4/21, 8:00pm: I just started up and...yeah, rather than scale to pixel, they're scaling to their "maximum" 1920x1200 view.  This might take a while to figure out.)

Anything I'm missing?


Jeremy Stevens said...

I posted this on the previous comment, I'll put it here too. Maybe it will save time.

[6:28 AM] Yoraiz0r: for those wondering
[6:28 AM] Dan: hai Yorai(edited)
[6:28 AM] RedDeadDevil1908: :open_mouth: PINK
[6:28 AM] Yoraiz0r: most of the UI scaling is actually automatic to an extent
[6:29 AM] Yoraiz0r: we just mess with the spritebatch's view matrix

Sean B said...

Is there a way for you to put the highest 3 monitor resolution to 5760x1920? It's currently set to 3840x1024 as the highest. It would be cool to play at max resolution, but I would be satisfied with unzoomed 1024p if you are unable to do so. Thanks a lot for your efforts! They are truly appreciated!

Ace170780 said...

As far as I can tell the only thing we need is the unlock minimum zoom because playing it at 3440x1440 it's just to damn big.

Taylor youngreen said...

estimated release date?
BTW thank you for all that you do for us.

Michael Russell said...

Taylor, no ETA at the moment. It's taking some time to trace through all the changes that they made.

Aria said...

1.3.5 has broken ultrawide support. Minimum zoom on 2560x1080 is 133% and you can see less things than on 1980x1080.

RayereSs said...

Yep, I play on 21:9 too and it's just so terribly broken visually… you can barely see anything

Dakota Talon said...

Should probably make sure that the UI scaling isn't total bunk either, or just allow it to scale farther.