January 4, 2012

Last RomTerraria Update Before The Move

In this build:

- Higher quality minimap
- Minimap remains centered on all resolutions
- Minimap colors of solid bricks are now a closer representation of the actual color

As a reminder, after you install RomTerraria, it does appear in your Start menu inside the "Michael Russell" folder.

Also, the source code has been updated.  No new updates until after January 24.


Gunnar said...

If at all possible, a slightly smaller minimap would be nice, or maybe an in game toggle. I liked the previous minimap more because it didn't take up so much of my screen. I don't know if it is larger or if it is just the new placement but it seems a lot bigger now.

Michael Russell said...


I'll look into it as quickly as I can.

The new minimap is larger (one of the most requested features for larger resolutions), but it's proportional across all resolutions now.