June 13, 2008

Why Care About Creationism?

Go watch this video. Go on. This post will still be here when you get back.

In the past, religion managed to convince people that the only truth was contained within its holy texts and anything outside of that text was heresy. As a result, science, technology and society went into a thousand-year tail spin.

We see the same threat today with the fundamentalist evangelicals and their push to supplant science with their religious tenets. Dangerous evangelicals like "Dr." Kent Hovind and Ken Ham push blatant falsehoods tinged with religious fairy dust to poison the minds of students so that they can reap the power that comes from being an "authority," while places like the Discovery Institute poison the minds of school boards and governments in an effort to reduce the effectiveness of our science teachers.

We should not allow the world to slip into a second Dark Ages. One only has to look at modern day Islamic culture to see what happens when religion stifles science.

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