May 3, 2008

Eight Days of Exhaustion

I am sure that everyone has had one of those weeks where even though nearly everything has gone wonderfully, you still want the week to be over. This is one of these weeks.

Note: I will update this post later with relevant hyperlinks. (Update: Updated and typo fixed.)

I am currently sitting in the Addison Conference and Theater Center for Dallas TechFest 2008. I had to leave at 6:15am to get here, and since the only wireless available to me is unsecured pay service, I'm typing this on my BlackBerry for lack of anything better to do.

A week ago today, I was lucky enough to get to see a live riffing by the crew at Cinematic Titanic of their next movie riff, the Roger Corman "classic" known as "The Wasp Woman.". (You can see this over at do you really want to?)

I have spent the last week poring over nearly 100,000 data records to try to find an integrity issue with our numbers, putting out fires at work, and overall just working myself a lot harder than normal...and now I am here so I can learn more stuff so that I can do more work.

Let nobody tell you that coders make sense. At least I am investing some time in my future. I know many coders who don't...or even worse, won't.

Anyway, I'm going to be posting a bit over at some other blogs in the near future. Currently finishing up a post called "There are no theists in QA.". Guess what the topic is?


Okie said...

Good luck with the exhaustion. Have fun at TechFest.

I love tracking down integrity issues. I'm going to be facing something similar in the near future as we receive hundreds of survey records for thousands of stores and if the calculations don't match up, we get to go through by hand and figure out where the problem is. So much fun.

Be sure to link to your other post when it's done. Based on the title, it sounds intriguing

Bill said...

What in the world would take you a week to find in 100,000 records?