September 19, 2006

[Personal] Agenda For The (Rest Of The) Week

Tomorrow, I hope to finish my PopcapFont XNA Framework class. (Note: For C++ casual games, I really like Popcap's Game Framework, but did they really have to name their framework the "Sexy Application Framework?" Not exactly PC, guys.) If you haven't looked at Popcap's framework, you should. It's essentially a C++ version of what the XNA guys are trying to do, plus a metric shit-ton of helper functions and support for software rendering. Anyway, the PopcapFont class I've written is 99%'s just got a couple of niggling parser bugs for the font definition text file that have to be ironed out before I can feel comfortable releasing the code.

Thursday or Friday, I hope to finally have the depots for the "SiN 1" patch I did the coding for so my guys can test them.

Also this week, I hope to have a config testing bid back from the guys at Lionbridge for ???. (Note: Lionbridge/Veritest is actually a pretty decent place to outsource testing to, as long as you have clearly defined tests and double-check the results you have at the end of the first day. We ran "SiN 1" and "SiN Episodes" through their lab as well as the lab at EA.)

Finally, I hope to finish my casual framework XNA game this weekend. (The game involves Socrates and paint thinner. Care to guess the theme?) The FPS framework is taking significantly longer because I want to do it right the first time.

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Yo chief, I tried to post this here earlier but blogger was doing maintenance so there it went

Some cool stuff on Vista audio you might want to see :)