July 24, 2005

E-mail Slash & Burn

As part of my backup and data spring-cleaning exercise, I decided to do a major purge of my E-mail at home today.

When I started, I had nearly 1,500 unread E-mails. That's an insane amount, to be dead honest with you. So, I created a couple of backup buckets on my local box, and started dumping mail.

High-traffic mailing list I read on occasion? Cut.

Any unread mail over 30 days old? Cut.

Ads that made it through the spam filter? Cut.

E-mail copies of blog feedback? Cut.

After nearly four hours of slashing and burning, I'm down to a nice, manageable 89 messages. Hopefully I can get to those tomorrow evening...

If you sent me an E-mail and require a response, please resend your E-mail to be safe. It may have accidentally been "purged."

Tomorrow, if all goes well, I'll be able to do the same thing. I'm bumping up against my mailbox size limit at work. Unfortunately, I can't be as cavalier about deleting work E-mails. As the QA Manager, I need to retain a lot of information. Guess it's time for Personal Folders...and sleep.

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