June 29, 2017

RTResolution Next Steps

First, the good news.  It looks like RTResolution v0.2 properly handles all of the stock use cases.  Yay!

Now for the not so good news.  It looks like TModLoader doesn't quite like RTResolution.  If so, not that much of a surprise.  Getting mods to work well together isn't exactly easy.  Ask the Skyrim modding community...

I don't have an extended weekend coming up like most Americans, so I'm going to be spending the next couple of evenings digging into TModLoader and what's going on when it gets patched with RTResolution.  One of three things will happen as a result:
  1. I might realize that getting TModLoader and RTResolution to play nicely together will be too much of a pain in the ass and just punt on working with the mod;
  2. I might find the cause and realize that patching it my way would be a pain in the ass so I'll report the issue as a bug to the TModLoader team; or
  3. I'll find the solution and prepare RTResolution v0.3.
Stay tuned.

Update 6/30/2017 5:06pm: TModLoader moves all of the rendering code over to a method called do_Draw.  The crash is happening because I don't modify do_Draw.

Update 6/30/2017 5:17pm: Testing with TModLoader now. Still getting a crash.  It's looking for something that I don't touch.

Update 6/30/2017 5:34pm: Option #2 it is.  Issue filed with TModLoader team.

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