December 17, 2016

RomTerraria and v1.3.4.4

If you are using the test version of RomTerraria for v1.3.4.3 and above and are experiencing water not rendering, please repair your Terraria installation, launch the game once, exit, then repatch.

If you are using the patch and the map is not coming up or you are stuck in a lower lighting mode, it means that an exception has been thrown.  I need to know the resolution you are trying to run at.

I'll be spending time tomorrow working on any reported issues.  Today I have to go finish my Christmas shopping and try to ignore the fact that today would have been my twenty-second wedding anniversary.

[Removed three weeks worth of outdated information]

Update 1/8/2016 12:03pm: I'm still getting reports of water and lava not properly rendering.  If you have deleted your config file, reset your resolution, then restarted the game, and you are still having issues, look in your Documents/My Games/Terraria folder and look for a file called CrashInitTargets.txt and post the contents of that.

Update 1/9/2016 7:30am: I received a CrashInitTargets.txt that showed a NotSupportedException creating the waterTarget RenderTarget.  That's really odd because that particular exception shouldn't be thrown by the RenderTarget2D constructor.  Will research when I get home tonight.

Update 1/9/2016 6:45pm: Okay, I just made a change that should free up an extra 140-210MB of RAM.  Water is working using the following values in config.rt.json (I game RomTerraria its own config file to help keep things simple:)

  "SmartCursorToggle": true,
  "MapEnabled": true,
  "InvasionBarMode": 2,
  "AutoSave": true,
  "AutoPause": false,
  "Language": 1,
  "PlacementPreview": true,
  "GoreVisualsAllowed": true,
  "VolumeSound": 1.0,
  "VolumeAmbient": 0.75,
  "VolumeMusic": 0.75,
  "UseExperimentalFeatures": false,
  "Fullscreen": true,
  "WindowMaximized": false,
  "WindowBorderless": false,
  "DisplayWidth": 3840,
  "DisplayHeight": 2160,
  "GraphicsQuality": 0,
  "BackgroundEnabled": true,
  "FrameSkipMode": 2,
  "LightingMode": 0,
  "LightingThreads": 0,
  "Parallax": 0.88,
  "ShowItemText": true,
  "LastLaunchedVersion": 188,
  "UseSmartCursorForCommonBlocks": false,
  "UseSmartAxeAfterSmartPickaxe": false,
  "UseSmartWallReplacement": true,
  "DisableLeftShiftTrashCan": false,
  "HighlightNewItems": true,
  "HidePasswords": false,
  "ReverseUpDownForArmorSetBonuses": false,
  "MouseShowBuildingGrid": false,
  "AllowUnfocusedInputOnGamepad": false,
  "LockOnPriority": 2,
  "InvisibleCursorForGamepad": true,
  "GamepadDisableInstructionsDisplay": false,
  "SettingsUnlock_WorldEvil": false,
  "SettingsEnabled_MinersWobble": true,
  "UseStormEffect": true,
  "UseHeatDistortion": true,
  "WaveQuality": 3,
  "MouseColor": {
    "R": 255,
    "G": 50,
    "B": 95
  "MouseBorderColor": {
    "R": 0,
    "G": 0,
    "B": 0,
    "A": 0
  "QuickLaunch": false,
  "CloudSavingDefault": false,
  "FilterLimit": 16,
  "FilterPriorityThreshold": "VeryLow"

I'm packaging up the build now.

Update 1/9/2016, 6:54pm: Here is my update. The big change here is that I eliminated depth buffers for all of the render targets. Users of Terraria will see this result in ~210MB of RAM being saved. Users of RomTerraria will see this result in ~140MB of RAM being saved (I used to reduce the depth buffer to 16 bits instead of 24 bits). Again, this is an EXPERIMENTAL RELEASE. Have fun.


Russell said...

btw, to fix my map not showing up i made the following change and it works now:

Go to the C:\Users\[COMP NAME]\Documents\My Games\Terraria part of your computer.
Open the "config.json" file.
In the list of that file should be something that looks like "MapEnabled": false,".
Change that to "MapEnabled": true,".

Unknown said...

hope you can fix it soon =] love your work!

Russell said...

all seems good testing the new update on my side. Appreciate your help and dedication to this. thanks again, Russell

Unknown said...

Very good job ;)
But for me the game crash :/

Unknown said...

I got crash at first too, delete your config files in documents/my games/terraria from vanila and modloader, then it will work =]

steve said...

Do you have to have Steam running to generate the files required, even for a non steam version of Terraria?

Michael Russell said...


If you have only the GOG version installed, it should prompt you for the install folder.

steve said...

The Details that come up on the application say: Could not find a process named Steam.exe running.

Michael Russell said...

Found the cause. Have Steam running for now to get to the patch path. Will release a fix soon.

steve said...

Thanks for the help but it didn't work. I kept receiving an error dump.

Unknown said...

I seem to be having problems with RTRewriter program. I keep getting an error whenever I click Update Terraria, Could not find file 'RTHooks.dll'. Game is a fresh install, but nothing works. Any idea?

Michael Russell said...


My fault. I forgot to include a DLL in the latest version. Please redownload and try again.

Unknown said...

Works perfect, Thank you!

Unknown said...

Water doesn't render on color light setting with tModLoader, works fine in vanilla version.
Will there be fix for this issue?

HastyKong said...

Are there compatibility issues with other mods?

On a first test, it worked without any issues, but I still wonder if there might be any problems.

I'm using a modified executable (required by tModLoader), along with 4 mods:
Recipe Browser
Reduced Grinding

Everything updated to the latest versions as of this date.

Unknown said...

I'm also using tmodloader and romterraria. They seem to work perfectly fine at the moment, but I am having an issue with water/lava rendering. I can't get that to work, unfortunately. :(

I don't want to have to rebuild terraria again, because then I'd have to fix mod stuff again. >.<

Unknown said...

I have the rendering problem, but I have no CrashInitTargets.txt file in my games\Terraria. I've followed the steps from the post, but still no love. ideas?

HastyKong said...

Okay, I just noticed that if I change the lighting from the settings menu when you're inside a world can either completely fix or completely break rendering problems.

When I first tested out RomTerrarua with tModLoader, liquids didn't render and lighting was set to "Color". I changed it to "Trippy" and everything was fixed.

Now I was testing this again and changing the lighting from "Trippy" to "Color" made all foreground sprites (except the character) stop rendering. They were still there since I could walk on platforms and use teleporters, they were just invisible. Changing back to either "Retro" or "Trippy" seemingly fixed it, until I move more than 1 screen away and every foreground sprite stopped rendering again. I had to restart the game to fix it.

So, for me, as long as I leave the lighting in "Retro" or "Trippy", everything renders as normal.

BTW, the resolution I'm using is 2560 X 1080

Unknown said...

Can confirm that Retro and Trippy render fine on this update. No other lighting mode lets the liquids render.

Is there any way we could get a new lighting mode that uses standard 'color', but uses 'retro' water? To work as a hotfix for those of us on romt and tmod.

Michael Russell said...

Dakota and HastyKong,

With the most recent test build, I'm working with Color lighting at 3840x2160.

That said, I do not test with TModLoader. It is possible that something else is happening there, but I am limited in the time and resources I am able to spend on testing this mod elsewhere. One of the authors of TModLoader filed a bug over at GitHub about something I was doing wrong (accidentally stripping the /3GB flag from the Terraria executable) and I fixed that, but beyond that, I have no idea what other interactions may be happening here.