September 23, 2016

Electric Eye Update

Those of you who watched my talk on Electric Eye from back in May are probably wondering what happened to the end of August ETA for the source code release.

Over the summer, a large scale effort was made to change Electric Eye from a single-threaded tool to a multi-threaded tool.  That work wasn't released to partners until mid-September.

Since then, we discovered that we had a few compatibility issues with some 2017 model displays and we're working to get those fixed in the code that will be released.  These fixes have to be released to partners first.  In addition, the first three weeks of October are going to be spent at partner sites ensuring that everything still works well for our partners.

As a result, here is an updated estimated timeline.  We'll hopefully be handing the code for Electric Eye over to legal near the end of October to start the open source process.  Depending on their winter workload, the release could happen any time between December 1 and May 1.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  Trust me, it'll be worth it.

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