August 12, 2016

Electric Eye and RomTerraria Update

Electric Eye

I've got two bugs left to fix before I can release Electric Eye v1.8.0 to partners.  As soon as those two bugs are fixed, I'll be handing the source code for Electric Eye off to legal so they can start the process required for open sourcing the tool.


I felt really disappointed earlier this week because I couldn't figure out how to properly scale the in-game GUI.  Since then, I think I may have figured out a way to actually provide in-game GUI scaling at the risk of making it so that RomTerraria is a bit more fragile across updates.

I'll be doing some experiments once I get Electric Eye v1.8.0 out to partners.

Update: If you want to track my progress on UI scaling, follow the issue on GitHub.

A preview...


Dude said...

Thanks for the RomTerraira updates!

Unknown said...

For some reason when going to 3840x2160 I lose half of my screen and it turns black at the bottom half and the background flickers like dirt walls etc in terraria
i7 6700k
gtx 1070
if that helps