July 21, 2016

RomTerraria and Terraria

I'm at work, but I'm seeing reports that RomTerraria is having problems working with Terraria  I'm not going to be home until late tonight, but I'll look into it when I get home.

[Update 1:  7/23/2016, 2:25pm.  I've been able to replicate the crash that people are reporting locally.  Working on a fix now.]

[Update 2:  7/23/2016, 2:30pm.  Unfortunately, the crash isn't consistently reproducible.  I get a null pointer dereference sometimes when I start the game, but if I relaunch, the dereference doesn't happen.]

[Update 3: 8/13/2016, 6:17pm.  Crash workaround found!  After you reset your copy of Terraria, and before you patch it with RomTerraria, you must run the game stock once.  After that, you can patch it and it'll work just fine.  It may still occasionally crash on the first launch after a system reboot, however.]

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Dude said...

Is there any ETA on when you think it'll be done?