September 11, 2015

End in Sight

Today is the final demo of my project at work.

I've been working on a computer vision project at Netflix where we're now able to point a standard, consumer grade webcam at an off-the-shelf TV and with less than 10 seconds of calibration, I can convert the image in real-time into something that you can run bog-standard, computer vision algorithms against, with the camera off by up to 45 degrees in any direction..  In other words, you can point your camera at a TV from above and to the right, and I'll still be able to perspective-correct it back to normal and give you something to work with.

That was fun enough, but the really fun part was getting it so that I could do the same with curved televisions regardless of curvature without being told that the television has a curve.

A ton of extra work has been done to ensure the returned frames are of good quality.  Emissive screens are a beast, and LED-lit screens have a flicker that you don't notice otherwise.

I'm working on a blog post for the Netflix tech blog that'll have a lot more information and we'll be open-sourcing it sometime next year, but I'm feeling awesome about this and can't wait to tell people more information.

I've got the afternoon of September 12 set aside for RomTerraria.  Can't wait to be finish it.

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