March 12, 2015

WSOP Los Angeles 2015 Update Post (Done)

Update 1:

I played in the 8:30pm $230 satellite against 67 other players.  Top 6 got seats, 7th got $1500.  I busted out in 11th.  Not too bad given that I haven't played poker in person since last year's WSOP in Las Vegas.

Today, I'm going to be playing in event #6, the $365 no-limit hold-em tournament.  I paid my registration fee last night, and I was the first entrant.  This tourney can go two days.  I may also play another $230 satellite tonight to see if I can avoid paying the $1,675 for the main event on Saturday.

I'll be taking Sunday off to take care of some items for work, as well as to do some game development in complete isolation.

Anyway, time for a quick shower, then a run to IHOP for a ham and cheese omelette. 

Update 2:

Took the table lead early, but was rivered three times in a row that crippled me.  I pushed with 11 big blinds left and got outkicked to be out in 121st place.

Next tournament is a $230 satellite tomorrow at 3pm.  Going to do some game development for the rest of the night.

Update 3:

Decided to try another $230 satellite again tonight.  Rivers made sure it was the wrong choice.  Back to game dev.  Will do event #7 tomorrow at noon instead of the $230 satellite and will just buy into the event on Saturday.

Update 4:

Busted out in 97th in event #7.  Went to the tables and managed to claw back $565, bought in for event #8 day 1a, and called it an early night.  I've got plenty of time for a quick shower, a leisurely breakfast and lunch, and a bit of relaxing music before my last tourney.

If I cash, great.  If not, this was still a good experience.  I busted out 18 places away from the money last year in Vegas, and this has done a good job of exposing the weaknesses in my game.  Hopefully I've learned enough to help me out today.

Update 5:

Today was flight A of the main event. Took a dominating lead on my table and kept it through dinner time, eliminating four players.

However, at level 12, things got insane. The slow bleed took almost 40% of my chips, and then two hands knocked me out.

For the first one, the short stack shoved. I had a pair of 9's, and this guy had been shoving with crap all night, so I called. Everyone else folded, and he showed AK. It was a race that he won on the river.

Next hand, two dudes I had good reads on ahead of me were raising. I could tell they didn't have shit, and when I looked down at queens, I pushed. One dude behind me called, and the dudes with nothing folded. He had AK, and won the race on the river.

It's been a fun trip down here to the WSOP Circuit. While I didn't cash in any of the events, I'm up about $565 from my cash games.

Tomorrow will be spent working remotely, and the rest of this trip will be spent working in isolation on some game dev stuff.

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