January 17, 2014

Lua in Leadwerks #0: Tentative Feature List

This is the opening post for the list of items I want to code from scratch in Lua to work with Leadwerks 3.1 Indie Edition in no particular order.  As features get implemented, this post will be updated to have links to the implementation posts.  Each post will have the folders from the FromScratch project so you can use the code as you see fit provided you comply with the accompanying license.

Note that this is not a promise that all of this will be coded, just that it is my intention to do it if time and motivation permits me.
  • Input mapping (any input [mouse, keyboard, gamepad] to any function)
  • Load/save support
  • First person shooter controller
    • Movement and strafing
    • Aiming using the mouse
      • Invert Y-axis
      • Mouse Sensitivity
    • Jump
    • Crouch
    • Sprint (enhanced using FOV tricks)
    • Sneak (enhanced using FOV tricks)
    • Swim
    • Possess multiple weapons and switch between them
    • Camera decoupled from controller
    • Ladders
  • Weapons
    • Melee
    • Hitscan
    • Projectile
    • (potentiallly) Aim assist when using gamepad
  • Camera
    • Adjustable FOV (and demonstrate why high FOV can have a negative effect on visual fidelity)
    • Compatible with "render-to-texture" mods
  • HUD
    • Health
    • Ammo
    • Subtitles and/or closed captioning
    • Key tutorials
    • Viewport camera
  • Doors
    • All lockable/remote openable
    • Rotating
    • Sliding
  • Triggers
    • Activate once
      • On entry
      • On exit
    • Activate while in
  • Level transitions
    • Maintain health/ammo across maps
    • (Potentially) migrate items around you ala Half-Life
  • Menus
    • Buttons
    • Checkboxes
    • Radio Buttons
    • Sliders
    • (Potentially) text input
    • (Potentially) console/in-game debug log
  • Localization support
Work starts in a few hours.  Time for a good night's sleep.

Update 1/26:  Added viewport camera to HUD.
Update 2/8: Added ladders to FPS controller.

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Unknown said...

Will you be uploading your work to a remote as you make progress? (i.e. GitHub, Bitbucket, etc) I would be interested in following your progress in between your blog posts. Possible public contributions would also be a nice aspect.