February 24, 2013

Resolution #7: Approaching First Playable

I'm getting close to a first playable on the first of the two titles I'm working on this year: USESP #0.

Those of you who were following me back when I worked for Ritual might recognize the acronym and/or be able to derive it.

I'm going low-resolution and low-fidelity for the graphics and models so I can try to focus on gameplay and filling in some backstory, specifically:

1) How did Elexis get her hands on Blade?
2) How did Jessica find Blade and get him out?
3) What happened between the time Elexis escaped Blade at the end of "SiN" and the beginning of Episode 1?
4) What DID Blade get injected with?
5) Why is Elexis dressing in a more business-like fashion?

If I am able to release this when I'm done, it will be under the "SiN Episodes" mod license, so you will have to own a copy of "SiN Episodes: Emergence" to play it.

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