August 9, 2011

RomTerraria 2.0 RC3 Available

Newest build has been updated to work with 1.0.6 and its multiple combat fonts.

Check it out.


Kaelem Gaen said...

Works decent, though I noticed when using a texture pack through RomTerraria the lower branches on trees stay default while only the top of the tree goes with the texture pack. Also in character gen the hair selections offset by one. Also the sleeves revert to the default stock without armor on, even if the Texture Pack reskinned them.

Michael Russell said...


Thanks for the bug report.

I still have a bit more work to do in order to fix combat text and work with the new textures that were added in, but I'm getting closer to a full release.

anonymous said...

Your source modified to add extensibility and gamepad support via an extension and MEF:

Brandon said...

I've really tried to hold out and figure this out myself as it seems others know what they're doing with the Texture and Font tab, but I can't get Texture Packs to work. I have them in the right RomTerraria-created folder with the folder structure: Terraria>Texture Packs>"Name of Pack">Image2....

It loads into the Textures and Fonts UI, but I can't do anything more than highlight them and they are not being installed. Help would be appreciated as I feel I'm missing something painfully obvious! lol

Michael Russell said...


Checking into it now. This was a quick stopgap release to get it working with 1.0.6, but it may not be until this weekend before I have RC4 out.

Brandon said...

Great, thank you, bro!

Saranis said...

What happened to all the options such as Always Blood Moon, Goblin Invasion, and the Real Time clock?

Michael Russell said...


Working on adding everything back in.

As part of the 2.0 codebranch, I made it so that RomTerraria didn't need to be in the same folder as Terraria.

However, it required a complete rewrite to do it right.

I'm hoping to be at full feature parity by early next week.

Michael Russell said...


Next time you launch, it should ask if you want to update.

Real-time clock and some bug fixes.

Brandon said...

Ok, Michael ended up helping me out on the Terraria official forums and I got it working. Here's what I did in a step by step form so nobody has the same problem that I did:

1. After you have the pre-requisites for the program open it and set all the setting you want then go to the "TEXTURES AND FONTS" tab.

2. Once there, look to the very bottom right of the window. Just above the "LAUNCH TERRARIA" button you should see "GENERATE DEFAULT TEXTURE PACK," click it.

3. Navigate to this folder:
C:\Users\[Your User Name Here]\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Texture Packs

In the "TEXTURE PACKS" folder you should now see the folder "STOCK." Make a copy of that folder in another place.

4. Now take the "IMAGE2" file from the .zip/.rar that your desired texture pack came in and open it up.

5. Copy and Paste all the .png files (or if you want to pick and choose) into the Stock>Images folder, overwriting everything.

6. Finally, refresh or reopen RomTerraria, go to the TEXTURES AND FONTS tab, and make sure that the "STOCK" folder is highlighted.

7. Click "Launch Terraria!"