September 11, 2009

WORKAROUND: Catalyst 9 Drivers Blue Screen Windows 7 On Install


When you try to install the Catalyst 9.x drivers for your ATI Radeon video card on Windows 7 RTM on a machine with an Intel ICH9 chipset, the installation blue screens at the device detection phase.


You have a USB device plugged in that isn't compatible with the Catalyst device detection routines.


Unplug every USB device except for your keyboard and mouse. If your system has a Windows SideShow device on it, you may have to disable it in the BIOS.

After doing this, reboot your machine.

Install the drivers.

After a successful install, reboot your machine.

Plug everything back in.


jrb said...

thanks, i've been banging my head against a brickwall with the same issue for a couple of days.

In my case it was windows sideshow. I had to unplug this from the motherboard - simply disabling it in the bios was not enough.

Dale T said...

wow thanks. I was going crazy on my dell optiplex 755 trying to figure this out. turns out it was my canon scanner that was killing it. thanks!