March 18, 2009

Performance Issues with Windows XP on an SSD

If you have an solid-state disk drive (SSD) and are running Windows XP (say, with a netbook) and you are having performance issues, make sure that your page file is set to a fixed size.

To do this, tap Windows Key + Break or Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > System or Control Panel > System, depending on your preferences.

Under "System Properties," go to the "Advanced" tab.

Click the "Settings" button under "Performance."

Under "Performance Options," go to the "Advanced" tab.

Click the "Change" button under "Virtual memory."

Under "Drive [Volume Label]", pick the drive that has a "Paging File Size" next to it.

Under "Paging file size for selected drive," ensure that "Custom size" is selected and set both the initial size and maximum size to the same value (preferably the "Recommended" value listed at the bottom of the dialog.)

Hit the "Set" button.

Hit "OK" and continue to hit "OK" until you are back to the desktop.

You may have to reboot afterward.

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