August 13, 2008

I Have Nothing To Say

Really. I've got nothing to say.

I'm out of industry anecdotes. Dental surgery isn't worth discussing.

My wife has commandeered the Xbox 360 so those of you who have been seeing several hundred hours of "Viva PiƱata" on my Xbox Live account haven't been seeing me.

I can't think of advice for testers which is why I haven't written any more over at Game QA Blog.

I want to get to Vegas sometime before September 1 so that I can get to The Star Trek Experience one last time before it closes, but it isn't going to happen. The money that could have gone towards paying for my trip went towards my teeth instead.

Hell, I turn 34 this Saturday and all I can think to say is "meh."

I've got plenty of energy for work, but not so much for me. I've got 13 days of vacation time right now at work. I guess I'll try to take some time later this year to recharge my personal batteries.

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