November 9, 2005

The Hours

Sorry I've been silent...the hours at work have been, well, a bit insane for the last week.

I came in to work on Thursday at 10:00am, and left Friday after dark. (Not sure what the exact time I left the office was. All I know is that it was dark and I'm glad I had a lift, because I was in no condition to do more than walk up the steps to my apartment and crash.)

I slept pretty much all day on Saturday in a futile attempt to recover from the marathon shift.

I came in for about four hours on Sunday to tie up some loose ends, then came in at 10:00am on Monday and worked for 22 hours straight. I went home and slept until 6pm yesterday, woke up, ate two frozen pizzas, played some WoW, went back to sleep at 1am, and game in to work today about 20 minutes late.

Needless to say, my sleep cycle is going to be out of whack for the rest of this month...

1 comment:

Robert Gibson said...

I guess that explains why you haven't blogged for almost a week!

*Hands you some intangible pity*

I can imagine that crunching in cold times can have slightly more minus points than usual.