February 1, 2005

Testing Top 10 Lists #1

I'm still recovering from the move, so I'm sharing humor in the meantime.

Top 10 Signs That You're Dating A Tester

10. Your love letters get returned to you marked up with red ink, highlighting your grammar and spelling mistakes.
9. When you complain about him spending too much time with you, he replies that he's in the middle of a soak test.
8. He keeps asking for a "spec" so he'll know how his "harness" should "interface" with you.
7. He'll always do something wrong twice so he can provide accurate repro steps.
6. When you tell him that you won't change something, he'll offer to allow you two other flaws in exchange for changing this one.
5. When you ask him how you look in an outfit, he'll actually tell you.
4. When you give him the "It's not you, it's me" breakup line, he'll agree with you and give specifics.
3. He won't help change a burned out lightbulb because his job is simply to report that it's burned out.
2. He'll keep bringing up old problems that you've since worked out just to make sure that they're still gone.

...and the number one way to tell you're dating a tester...

1. In the bedroom, he keeps "probing" the incorrect "input."


Kevin said...

Testing? What's that?

Anonymous said...

That must have been a developer posting that comment. A coder wouldn't be so flippant. :P

Michael Russell said...

Actually, that was my former test manager at Microsoft Game Studios. [grin]

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
Can I post '
Top 10 Signs That You're Dating A Tester'
on www.geocities.com/xtremetesting/anecdotes.html

Michael Russell said...

You may repost as long as you link back to the original source.

izani said...

that is funny.....whatta test

Unknown said...

Dont't forget:
- gets annoyed when your answers differ on the same set of questions
- complains about usability issues
- observes you don't perfectly fit the standards set by his former lovers
- agrees with you relationship counseling is needed, but doesn't understand why he/she has to go


T. Ryan Arnold said...